About the District


  The Forestville Water District (FWD) is a special district of the state of California, located in western Sonoma County. The District covers approximately 5 square miles and serves about 3000 customers in Central Forestville and Mirabel Heights areas. 


   The District provides: storage and delivery of Potable (drinking) water purchased from SCWA. The District provides potable water to customers through 1000 service connections ranging in size from 5/8" to 4".  The District distributes about 110,000,000 gallons of water per year to both residential and commercial customers.    


 The District's Wastewater Treatment Reclamation and Disposal plant receives wastewater through 450 service connections with a population of 1400 people.  The plant treats about 45,000,000 gallons per year to tertiary standards.  The treated water is then either discharged into Jones Creek or reclaimed for beneficial re-use.


 The Reclamation system provides about 25,000,000 gallons of tertiary Title-22 reclaimed water per year to vineyards, commercial businesses, parks, schools and private residences to use as irrigation water for landscaping & agriculture.  


 The District maintains a staff of six full-time employees.  The administrative side consists of two administration staff.  The operations side consists of three utility operators.  Each of them is certified as water distribution and water treatment by the California Department of Public Health, and wastewater treatment operators certified by the State Water Resources Control Board.   


 The General Manager has overall responsibility for the management of the administrative and operational divisions and for the implementation of the Board's direction.  The General Manager is also certified in water treatment, distribution and wastewater treatment.  This position is designated as the Chief Plant Operator for the District as required by the State of California.  

Mission Statement

 ​"The Forestville Water District is committed to professionally managing the precious water, sewer and recycled water resources in a reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner in order to provide the finest service to our customers, both present and future." 




Vision Statement


To maintain definitive policies and practices, including rate and fee structure that will ensure our long-term financial stability, while remaining sensitive to our customer needs;    

Maintain and improve the efficiency, reliability and security of District facilities;  

ensure adequate storage and distribution for our customer's current and future needs;  

​Sustain wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and water recycling to meet regulatory requirements and community demands while providing for a healthy natural  environment;  

Continue to work with other Sonoma county agencies to implement opportunities for cooperation and collaboration:  

​Maintain a highly qualified, motivated, environmentally conscious and innovative workforce to ensure a high performing organization and;  

​enhance our public information, education and outreach to ensure public awareness of issues of importance to the community that we serve."


Forestville Water District Board of Directors

 The District is governed by five elected Directors that volunteer their time and serve four-year terms.  Each year, one Director is selected to serve as the Chair of the Board who presides over meetings and casts tie-breaking votes when needed.  The Directors set policy and direction for the District to establish and maintain services to the citizens of Forestville.

 The Forestville Water District Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday of each month.  Meetings are held at the District office located at 6530 Mirabel Road at 5:30 pm.  Several times per year there is a study session for Board Members starting at 5:00 pm. These are noted on monthly agendas and cover training topics for the Members.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend both the meetings and study sessions.   

Meet your Directors

Heather Aldridge

Elected November 2019

Term Expires December 2023


Steven Bandettini
Appointed by FWD Board November 2013
Term Expires December 2021


Diane Hughes

Elected November 2019

Term Expires December 2023


Terry Morgan
Appointed by FWD Board February 2017
Term Expires December 2021


Matthew McDermott
Elected November 2019
Term Expires December 2023



Q. When does my water bill come out and when are they due?

A. Water bills are sent out every OTHER month.  Meters are read on the "EVEN" months (February, April, June, August, October and December). Bills are due on or before the 25th day of the following "ODD" months (January, March, May, July, September and November). Courtesy reminders (One Call & Emails) will happen approximately 1 week before the 25th. Final Notices will be sent on the next business day following the 25th. The date of termination of service (approximately 45 (forty-five) days after the original due date) will be indicated on the Final Notice. Bills not paid by the 25th due date will accrue a $10 (ten dollars) Late Fee.   Bills that remain past due over 15 (fifteen) days after the 25th will accrue an additional $10 (ten dollars) Late Fee to the account. If service has been interrupted for non-payment, there is a $50 (fifty dollars) Re-connection Fee which will need to be paid along with the full balance due on the account before service is reconnected. If you need extra time to pay, contact our office BEFORE the 25th to make payment arrangements.  

Q. How is my water bill calculated?

A. Water bills are determined by the size of your meter and the number of gallons used during the billing period. For example: For a customer that has a 5/8" meter, the minimum charge is $73.67 for a billing period (two months) which includes up to 10,000 gallons (5,000/month) of water. For water used in excess of 10,000 gallons, the charge is $7.37 per 1,000 gallons.  Rates for water service are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.  

Q. What payment options are available to pay my water bill?

A. Payments options:

  • Mail to FWD - PO Box 261, Forestville, Ca. 95436.
  • Pay at District Office - 6530 Mirabel Rd. (share same drive way as Fire Dept.) between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  
  • After-hours and weekend payments may also be made at the same address through the mail slot in the door. 
  • We are now accepting all Major Credit Cards and Visa Debit Cards over the phone or in the office.  
  • COMING SOON - The District Staff is currently working on a new billing software that will offer web-based payments for a nominal convenience fee.   

Q. How are my sewer charges calculated?

A. Your annual sewer direct charges are based on up to four factors:

  1. Annual fixed charge - Based on water meter size per property.
  2. Annual usage charges - Based on water use by property during bi-monthly billing periods of November/December + January/February each year.
  3. Debt service charge - Per property for repayment of debt for construction of the sewer system. 
  4. High strength surcharge - For commercial/industrial uses whose wastewater strengths exceed threshold values for influent loading to the treatment plant.

Q. When does my sewer bill come out?

A. Annual sewer charges are included on the property tax bill from Sonoma County and are paid along with your tax bill.

Q. What do I do if I have a water or sewer problem?

A. First, make sure that you and those around you are safe then call our office at (707) 887-1551.  During business hours staff will take down the relevant information and send an operator to assist.  After hours call the number above and a recording will give you the number to call for our on-call staff.